Preschoolers 3, 4 & 5 Years of Age

The World of Preschool Age Children

Preschool age children are exploding with expanding interests as they continue to grow into the person GOD designed them to be. At this age, they begin to investigate the workings of a widening world and experiment with their emerging use of language.

It is a time of enormous educational strides in language and conceptual thinking, and in the development of self and social skills. We as teachers have the great privilege of introducing each child to GOD's biblical teachings along with providing vast opportunities and experiences to promote interest and develop and grow to their fullest potential.

As a Christian based all day learning center providing; center and theme based curriculum which will be teacher guided, yet child directed. The curriculum will include, free play for social and emotional growth, science, math, language, art, social studies, music/creative movement, P.E., and most importantly daily Bible lessons and devotions. It is our good fortune to have larger blocks of time with your children, thus enabling us to take a broader direction with our themes/centers while allowing your children longer periods in which to discover, experiment, and interact.

Our goal and desire to help you, as parents, develop and grow your child's intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual skills while in a loving, safe, and nurturing, positive, fun environment.

In conjunction to the learning experiences here at Little Steps and to provide a well rounded program we offer our students the opportunity to attend Stepping Stones Christian Preschool. Stepping Stones Christian Preschool offers a more traditional "teacher directed and academically focused" preschool setting, which includes an outstanding teaching staff and leadership. Please select the Stepping Stones Preschool web-link above for classes and additional information.

NOTE: All full time Little Steps students attending both Little Steps and Stepping Stones Preschool receive a discounted rate.

Communication is Essential

As parents; you deserve to know everything that happens while your precious child is in our care. We make great efforts to ensure that you are always in the know. We love to tell you about and show you, your child's experiences through daily communications, your child's weekly activity plan, and the photographic & creative artwork proudly displayed around the classrooms. To make sure the care we provide is just right for you and your child, each daily lesson plan includes a schedule of learning opportunities, outdoor & playtime, nutritional snacks, and any other requirements specific to your child and his/her needs.

We are also able to work in conjunction with our Stepping Stones Preschool teachers to encourage, re-enforce, and review language, math, and motor skills. So together we can collectively prepare each child for their next educational steps. Daily communication, conferences, phone calls, prayer and e-mails are all part of this important partnership between parents, Little Steps Director, teachers and staff and our partners in education, Stepping Stones teachers.

Sharing GOD's Truths

As a Christian learning center we have the great honor, privilege, and opportunity to provide your child's first looks at who GOD is. Through daily example, we are able to share Christ's love and kindness with each child. Be it through prayer before a snack or lunch, redirecting a behavior, sharing a hug, or reading simple Bible stories, or simply discovering together "how much" GOD loves and cares for each of us, it is through these steps we are able to share a glimpse of Christ's love with them.

Rates will not be adjusted for holidays, sick days, or vacations falling within a month. 
Holidays will include Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Break (December 24th-January 1st), Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

If your child is enrolled at Stepping Stones Christian Preschool the following discounts apply: 

  1. Enrolled FULL TIME at Little Steps Learning Center (full time is over 4 hrs. per day -5 days per week) you would qualify for a Preschool tuition discount 4 day Preschool $100/mo 3 day Preschool $75/mo 2 day Preschool $50/mo The discount will be taken off of your Little Steps tuition (Sept thru June). Full Preschool tuition is paid to Stepping Stones.

  2. PART TIME Little Steppers will receive a $50.00 discount on your Stepping Stones registration fee.

Rates & Registration

For all new Little Steps Families:  Registration Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

For all new Little Steps and Stepping Stones Families: Registration Fee: $250 (non-refundable) This fee is for all new Families enrolling in both Stepping Stones and Little Steps prior to July 1st of this year but not needing child care until September.  $150 of this fee will secure your child’s spot in Little Steps and will be applied to your child’s daycare bill in September. 

Preschool Age (36 months - 5 years)

Days Per Week Rates 
4-5 days per week



The following forms are required for enrollment

Registration Form

Student Information Form

 Current Immunization Form

3 days per week



2 days per week $355/Mo